How nice that we meet again in the cinema!
How nice that the Film Festival Cologne takes place in “real”!
How nice that we can watch films together and talk about them!

We are represented with three programs at this year’s festival:

Sunday, October 24 at 6 p.m. in the program “WDR goes Series” we will premiere an episode of our 8-part short series “SAUBERE SACHE”, which we just finished. The director ANDRÉ ERKAU will be present as well as the leading actress CRISTINA DO REGO, who plays alongside BEN MÜNCHOW. Other roles will be played by SAMUEL FINZI and comedian KHALID BOUNOUAR.

Monday, October 25 at 2:30 p.m. COIN FILM will present a case study about our new co-production “LOST TRANSPORT” (directed by SASKIA DIESING) with the Netherlands and Luxembourg as part of the “BeNeLux meets NRW” meeting together with the Luxembourg production Amour Fou as a contribution to the discussion about the current situation of European co-productions.

Monday, October 25 at 7 p.m. in the Filmpalast Cologne we celebrate the NRW premiere of our current feature film “MONTE VERITÀ” (director: STEFAN JÄGER). In summer the film already had its premiere at the IFF Locarno and will be released in cinemas in Germany from December 16th distributed by DCM. In addition to the director STEFAN JÄGER, the main actors MARESI RIEGENER and the actors MAX HUBACHER and PHILIPP HAUSS will be present.

We are looking forward to exciting festival days in Cologne with you!
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Filmmaker Samir launches his latest feature film BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW nationwide on 30 September. To kick things off, Samir celebrated the cinema launch at METROPOL in Düsseldorf in the best of storytelling moods.

Further dates:
Oct 01 | 19.00 h | Kino Casablanca, Nürnberg
Oct 02 | 20.30 h | Kino Friedrichsbau, Freiburg
Oct 03 | 17.45 h | Kino Kamino, Reutlingen
Oct 03 | 20.15 h | Kino Arsenal, Tübingen
released by ARSENAL

On Saturday, 28 August, Mario Adorf honoured the alleged mass murderer Bruno Lüdke with the prominent support of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at a stumbling stone laying ceremony in Berlin-Köpenik. COIN FILM is currently developing the Bruno Lüdke case as the series TRUE MURDERERS (Teufelskreis) and we are very pleased that we were able to win the multi-award-winning director Hermine Huntgeburth (Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding, Die weiße Massai) for the direction.

The True Crime Story TRUE MURDERERS (Teufelskreis), funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, is being made together with the authors Jens Becker (Nellys Abenteuer), Linda Brieda (Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo) and Dominik Wessely, just awarded the Grimme Prize 2021 for Loveparade – Die Verhandlung. COIN FILM has already taken up the life of Bruno Lüdke in two documentaries (Die Erfindung eines Mörders – Der Fall Bruno Lüdke, Es hätte schlimmer kommen können – Mario Adorf).

Bruno Lüdke was accused of murdering 84 women and men during the Nazi era and was long considered the greatest serial killer in German criminal history. Although Bruno Lüdke was not proven to have committed any of these murders, he was accused of the acts by the Nazi regime and murdered. Some of his murderers went on to hold high positions in the young Federal Republic as criminal police officers and never had to answer for their crimes. Together with influential media-makers, they continued to spread the word about Bruno Lüdke’s guilt – an early case of Fake News.

We are very pleased that MONTE VERITÀ (director: Stefan Jäger) has its German premiere at the Fünf Seen Filmfestival 2021. The current dates and information about the festival can be found here: Screenings

Our current co-production MONTE VERITÀ celebrated its world premiere on the Grande Piazza at the Locarno Film Festival 2021 on 7 August. Maresi Riegner, Hannah Herzsprung, Julia Jentsch and Max Hubacher, together with director Stefan Jäger, presented the historical drama about the dropout commune of Monte Verità on Lake Maggiore to the Piazza audience. Joel Basman and Philip Hauss are also in the cast. Cinematographer Daniela Knapp is responsible for the picture design, Katharina Wöppermann and Nina Mader for production design, Veronika Albert for costume design, Helene Lang for make-up design and composer Volker Bertelmann has taken on the film music. Filming took place in Ticino, Vienna and at the MMC Studios in Cologne. MONTE VERITÀ is a co-production of Tellfilm (Zurich), KGP (Vienna), COIN FILM (Cologne) and MMC Movies (Cologne) and will be released in Germany by DCM at the end of 2021.

On 22 July 2021, the last take of our current international cinema production “Lost Transport” was made. Filming of the women’s war drama took place in July in Neukirchen-Vluyn near Moers in NRW as well as in Oberlangen in Emsland in Lower Saxony. The film is directed by Dutch director Saskia Diesing, who received a Special Mention from the Berlinale jury in 2014 for her film “Nena” with Uwe Ochsenknecht. The main roles are played by Anna Bachmann, Hanna van Vliet and Eugénie Anselin. “Lost Transport” is a co-production with KeyFilm (Netherlands), Amour Fou (Luxembourg) and NTR, realised with the support of Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, nordmedia, DFFF, Nederlands Film Fonds, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, CoBO, Film Fund Luxembourg and Roba Music Publishing. Theatrical distribution in Germany is handled by W-film.


Picture (from left to right): Producer Christine Kiauk, director Saskia Diesing, the actors Anna Bachmann, Eugénie Anselin, Bram Suijker and Hanna van Vliet as well as producer Herbert Schwering – picture taken in compliance with the applicable COVID protection measures.

After 4 weeks of shooting we have finished – our new web series SAUBERE SACHE with Cristina do Rego and Ben Münchow in the leading roles and staged by director André Erkau. With surprise guests! Commissioned by WDR, the web format will appear on Youtube and other social media channels towards the end of 2021. SUSPENSE RISES!

After our successful pilot episode last autumn, we are now filming the first season of the webseries SAUBERE SACHE for “WDR goes series” (commissioning editor: Elke Kimmlinger). Based on the books by Michael Gantenberg, André Erkau is directing our two leads PAULA and JURI, played by Cristina do Rego and Ben Münchow. Celebrity guest appearances can be expected at the laundromat in the Brüsseler Viertel in Cologne.

>>>> Link to the pilot episode

from left: Cristina do Rego, Margarita Broich, Fee Strothmann, André Erkau, Ben Münchow
© 2021 WDR | COIN FILM | Tom Trambow

On Wednesday, ARTE will broadcast our current production THE INVESTIGATION OF A MURDERER – THE CASE OF BRUNO LÜDKE. Directed by DOMINIK WESSELY and JENS BECKER, the film tells the incredible story of the alleged worst mass murderer in German criminal history. In truth, it is a story of falsified files and fake news. In conversation with film historian HERVÉ DUMONT, MARIO ADORF tells how he portrayed the alleged mass murderer Bruno Lüdke in the film NACHTS, WENN DER TEUFEL KAM (NIGHT WHEN THE DEVIL CAME) in 1957, directed by Robert Siodmak, in his first leading role. The cultural scientist SUSANNE REGENER and the historian AXEL DOßMANN analyse how Nazi perpetrators succeeded in staging an innocent person as a beast and how this legend was able to circulate among the public for decades – also thanks to the involvement of established media and their influential makers.
SCREENING: Wednesday | 17 February 2021 | 10.05 p.m.
until 23.02.2021!

On 28 January 2021, WDR will broadcast our feature film co-production COBAIN. It is the sixth feature film by Dutch auteur NANOUK LEOPOLD (“Brownian Movement”, “Upstairs is Silent”) about the teenager Cobain (15) who tries to persuade his drug-addicted mother to go to rehab when she is pregnant again. But she refuses his help and Cobain decides to save his unborn brother himself. It is a moving mother-son story of painful lightness to a breath-taking finale. “COBAIN” had its world premiere at the Berlinale 2018 in Generation 14plus, received awards at Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz (Best Film) and Lecce European Film Festival (Best Screenplay), among others, and was nominated for the European Film Award.

WDR Kinozeit: 28 January 2021 | 23.30 – 00.55 h

»Newcomer Bas Keizer is a find in the title role as Cobain and proves a mesmerising presence.« The Hollywood Reporter
»The most beautiful coming-of-age films are the ones that don’t yet know everything about their protagonists..« Der Spiegel
»Hits the viewer right in the heart.« Algemeen Dagblad, NL
»Direct, raw, tough and touching.« Trouw, NL


We are very pleased that our current feature film VATERSLAND by Petra Seeger will be screened at the BIBERACHER FILMFESTSPIELEN. The author and director Petra Seeger and her leading actors Stella Holzapfel and Matti Schmidt-Schaller will be at the festival for the screening.

Friday, 30.10. | 15.00 h + 19.00 h
Saturday, 31.10. | 11.00 h + 20.00 h

The voting is over and SAUBERE SACHE wins with 56,4% of the votes the 1st WDR Series-Challenge!! A big THANK YOU to all who supported us. We will keep you up to date on how the series is going on now!

Our first episode you can still watch on Youtube or here:


Until 19 October you can vote here:
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>>> If we win, SAUBERE SACHE will go into series production next year! <<<


CRISTINA DO REGO (7 Kilo in 3 Tagen, Pastewka)
BEN MÜNCHOW (Frau Jordan stellt gleich)
BENNO FÜRMANN (Berlin Babylon)
Director: ANDRÉ ERKAU (Gott du musst ein Arsch sein)
Script: MICHAEL GANTENBERG (Phoenix-See)

JURI and PAULA always meet each other in the launderette while washing. Between pre-wash and spin cycle, their conversations drift from comical to philosophical everyday observations to the very private.
Episode 1: While Paula wants to find out what perfection means, Juri is only interested in a mysterious woman in the laundromat, standing in front of an empty washing machine with a package. But suddenly she asks the couple to look after her package and leaves the laundromat…


To mark the Day of German Unity on Saturday, October 3, we celebrated the premiere of the feature film debut VATERSLAND by filmmaker Petra Seeger at the Film Festival Cologne 2020. She personally introduced the film with her actors Margarita Broich, Felizia Trube, Momo Beier, Stella Holzapfel, Bernhard Schütz and Matti Schmidt-Schaller.

After her award-winning documentary IN SEARCH OF MEMORY about Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel, Petra Seeger’s first feature film deals with her own past as a young girl in a male-dominated post-war society. She artfully interweaves play scenes with nostalgic family photos and film footage from her private archive. It is great remembrance cinema about the trauma of an entire generation – sharp-sighted, feminist, entertaining and humorous! (Distribution: W-Film, cinema release: 2021)

The historical drama MONTE VERITÀ by Swiss director Stefan Jäger could not be more modern. A young mother longs for emancipation and artistic self-realisation and breaks out of her bourgeois constraints. At the beginning of the 20th century, many drop-outs sought paradise and found it in the south of Switzerland on the famous Monte Verità mountain. The film about the first “hippie commune” in the world stars Maresi Riegner, Max Hubacher, Joel Basman, Julia Jentsch and Hannah Herzsprung. The film is being shot in Ticino, Italy, Vienna and currently at the MMC Studios in Cologne.

Tellfilm GmbH Zurich, COIN FILM Cologne, KGP Filmproduktion Vienna and MMC Movies produce under corona conditions as the first 3-country co-production between Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The production is made with the support of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and the DFFF as well as the Federal Office for Culture, Zürcher Filmstiftung, RSI Radio Televisione Svizzera, FiSS, Österreichische Filminstitut, Film Förderfonds Wien, FISA and ORF. DCM Film Distribution will release the film in German cinemas at the end of 2021.

front: Hannah Herzsprung, Max Hubacher, Maresi Riegner, Julia Jentsch
back: Katrin Renz (producer tellfilm), Christine Kiauk (producer COIN FILM), Herbert Schwering (producer COIN FILM), Stefan Jäger (director), Jens Wolf (managing director MMC Studios Cologne), Neshe Demir (producer MMC Movies Cologne)

To the 90th birthday we all congratulate from the bottom of our hearts and thank you for the wonderful cooperation in the past years, dear Mario!

To celebrate, BR will broadcast the current documentary film IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE – MARIO ADORF by filmmaker Dominik Wessely on 9 September at 23.00 h. The film will be available on DVD from 10 September!

Mario Adorf has worked for COIN FILM in several productions in recent years, including the comedies THE INVENTION OF LOVE und THE RHINO AND THE DRAGONFLY by Lola Randl.




On August 21st the shooting of our co-production MONTE VERITÀ directed by Stefan Jäger started. Starting in Ticino on original locations, we will continue the shoot in the MMC-Studios in Cologne and after that ending in Vienna. The leading roles of the historical drama are played by Maresi Riegner, Hannah Herzsprung, Julia Jentsch, Max Hubacher, Joel Basman and Philipp Hauß. The studio buildings are the responsibility of MMC Studios and Uncle Tuca in Cologne. MONTE VERITÀ is a co-production with Tellfilm, KGP and MMC Movies Cologne, funded by the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and the DFFF. Distribution in Germany and Switzerland is handled by DCM Distribution.

On 8 September 2020 Mario Adorf celebrates his 90th birthday! To mark this occasion, ARTE is already showing today, Monday 10 August 2020 at 9:50 pm, a version of our cinema documentary film, shortened to 52 minutes, as its first broadcast:

Documentary film by Dominik Wessely, 52 minutes (D 2020)
with Mario Adorf, Senta Berger, Margarethe von Trotta and many others! 

The film celebrated its world premiere in February 2019 as Berlinale Special and was shown in cinemas last year. The full cinema version (98 minutes) will be broadcasted on Bayerischer Rundfunk in early September around Mario Adorf’s 90th birthday. The exact broadcast date will be announced later.

“An absolutely worth seeing biopic: not only as a portrait, but also as an enjoyable excursion into film history. A great recommendation!” (

“THE INVENTION OF LOVE” (“Die Erfindung der Liebe”) von Lola Randl will be shown on Sunday, 15 March at 23.35 on ARD. “A film, tender and radical” was the verdict of the critics! “THE INVENTION OF LOVE” transforms the sad true story about Maria Kwiatkowsky into a light-handed, colourful homage to cinema, underlined by ironically lavish Melo music.” [epd-film]