What’s the matter with Germany?! Is Germany really annoying? And if so, why?

These are the questions director Hans-Erich Viet asks himself in his road movie, shot between 2005 and 2008. Together with his team he tries to find out how the German soul ticks, laconic and entertaining, inspiring and provocative. For an audience tired of the journalistic and lamenting reports about our poor Germany.

2009 | Documentary | 103 min. | 35mm
Co-production Viet Filmproduktion
World Premiere DOK.FEST München 2009



Script/Directing Hans-Erich Viet
DoP Johann (Frido) Feindt
Sound Thomas Keller
Editing Anne Fabini
Producer Herbert Schwering



2009 DOK.FEST München (Festivalpremiere)
2009 Int. Filmfest Emden, DGB-Filmaward
2009 Norwegian Int. Film Festival, Haugesund
2010 Tiburon International Film Festival, USA

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