Emily (Maria Kwiatkowsky) is young, high-spirited and wants to be more original than everyone else – and so she develops a crazy plan: Her boyfriend (Bastian Trost) is to marry an attractive, terminally ill millionaire (Sunnyi Melles) in order to inherit her inheritance. But the game takes an unexpected turn when the two actually fall in love…

Actually, Lola Randl shot THE FOUNDATION OF LOVE already in 2011, before THE LIBELLE AND THE NASHORN. But then the leading actress Maria Kwiatkowsky died and the shooting was stopped. Now Lola Randl has completed the film, rebuilt it, created a new film from the old one. A film that is tender and radical: a piecework that emotionally fits into a whole; a work that shows filmmaking, its passion, its tragedy, its cynicism, its failure and its success. We see scenes from the first shoot, combined with newly shot material. At the end of the film, of course, they fit into the narrative about the sold love of a couple. The man marries a rich man because of the money, the young, unruly girl remains a disturbing factor. It’s about disturbing and destroying narrative. The characters and the course of the film change constantly.

2013 | Feature film | 99 min. | DCP
Red Lion/Luxemburg
World premiere IFF München 2013
Distribution NFP marketing & distribution
German cinema release
Awards Filmfestival Münster / Best Directing



Maria Kwiatkowsky
Bastian Trost
Sunnyi Melles
Samuel Finzi
Irm Hermann
Mario Adorf
Sebastian Weber
Mira Partecke
Marie-Rosa Tietjen


Script / Directing Lola Randl
DoP Philipp Pfeiffer
Consulting Cooky Ziesche
Production design Thorsten Sabel
Costume Ulrike Scharfschwerdt
Sound Andreas Hildebrandt
Editing Andreas Wodraschke, Sabine Smit
Music Maciej Sledziecki
Production Manager Lucas Meyer-Hentschel, Jörn Pott
Producer Herbert Schwering, Christine Kiauk
Co-producer Pol Cruchten, Jeanne Geiben

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