Director Markus Sehr lets Peter Kurth and Stromberg star Christoph Maria Herbst loose on each other in a strange comedy . “Die Kleinen und die Bösen” is a black humorous account of the work of probation officers and at the same time a declaration of love to petty criminals with a heart.

Probation officer Benno (Christoph Maria Herbst) finds a real challenge in Hotte (Peter Kurth). His office is already being sucked over by petty criminals, but Hotte is by far the cheekiest crook who has ever entered his office. When Hotte is also granted custody of his two children Dennis (Jasper Smets) and Jenny (Emma Bading), Benno sees red. Under no circumstances is Hotte allowed to move into a shared apartment with the adolescents and take over their upbringing. At first he’s only interested in the child benefit, but slowly he finds pleasure in living together with his children and a permanent residence. And while Hotte sincerely tries to rearrange his life, Benno develops an undreamt-of energy to prevent exactly this …

2015 | Comedy | 95 Min. | DCP
World Premiere
IFF Munich 2015
Distribution Movienet Film
Theatrical release 03 September 2015


Christoph Maria Herbst
Peter Kurth
Anneke Kim Sarnau
Dorka Gryllus
Pasquale Aleardi
Traute Hoess
Emma Bading
Ivo Kortlang
Jasper Smets
Biggi Wanninger
et al.


Director Markus Sehr
Script Xao Seffcheque, Martin Ritzenhoff
Camera Leah Striker
Production Designer Stefan Schönberg
Costume Ulrike Scharfschwerdt
Editing Dirk Oetelshoven
Sound Andreas Hildebrandt
Music Paul Eisenach; Rayn Robinson
Re-recording Torben Seemann
Producers Herbert Schwering / Christine Kiauk (COIN FILM)
Commissioning Editor Götz Bolten (WDR), Barbara Häbe (ARTE)


2015 Nomination German Director’s Award

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