Karl Escher (Éric Caravaca) spent three years in prison. Innocent. In order to protect his father (Maximilian Schell), an influential banker, he had taken on the accusations of forgery and embezzlement of large sums of money. But Karl is sure that his brother Franz (Robinson Stévenin) is behind the illegal machinations. The trust within the family is shaken. Karl can only rely on his sister Amalia (Isild Le Besco) and initiates her into his suspicions. Karl fears that money laundering will be carried out in an even bigger style in the future. He thinks of revenge. Karl wants to hunt down his brother and clear his own name again. To prove his suspicion, Karl joins a gangster boss (Tchéky Karyo). His gang is after the black money, Karl only needs the secret documents, which prove his innocence. But when his brother Franz gets wind of the matter and betrays him to the police, suddenly the whole family is in danger – there can be no innocent winners.

2014 | Feature film | LX/D/BE | 84 min. | DCP
Co-production Red Lion, COIN FILM, Novak Prod
World premiere
Max Ophüls Saarbrücken 2015 (opening film)
Distribution Farbfilm
Theatrical release 19 March 2015


Éric Caravaca
Isild Le Besco
Robinson Stévenin
Maximilian Schell
Tchéky Karyo
Wolfram Koch
et al.


Directing Frank Hoffmann, Pol Cruchten
Script Érick Malabry, Frank Hoffmann – freely based on Schiller
Camera Jerzy Palacz
Production Design Christian Bussmann
Costume Isabelle Dickes
Editing Sophie Vercruysse
Music Michael Rother
Producer Jeanne Geiben (Red Lion)
Co-producers Christine Kiauk / Herbert Schwering (COIN FILM), Olivier Dubois (Novak Prod)
Commissiong Editor by Maike Klingenberg, Jule Broda (ZDF/ARTE)

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