In spring 1945, a deportation train with over 2,000 Jewish concentration camp prisoners is stranded in East Germany. The German train drivers flee from the Red Army, which has already occupied the nearby village of Tröbitz. The people on the train are left to fend for themselves and rely on help from the village. But between deep mistrust, despair and a desire for revenge, a friendship unexpectedly develops between the German girl Winnie (Anna Bachmann), the Dutch Jew Simone (Hanna van Vliet) and the Russian sniper Vera (Eugénie Anselin).

Feature Film | NL/LUX/D | 100 min.
Script & Director | Saskia Diesing
 | KeyFilm, Amour Fou
Distribution | W-Film
World Sales | Global Screen
Locations | Luxemburg, NRW, Niedersachsen

Simone | Hanna van Vliet
Vera | Eugénie Anselin
Winnie | Anna Bachmann

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