A mini documentary series with three minutes of real love each.

In each episode of SOFAGEFLÜSTER a couple on our sofa tells how it really happened and which obstacles had to be overcome for the love stories. And of course why love still lasts! Amusing are not only the stories, how it sparked. Above all the efforts, resistances and love tricks come also to the language. Age, gender, origin play no role, freshly in love or married for thirty years, hetero or homo, German or multi-cultural – SOFAGEFLÜSTER shows a cross-section of our relationship worlds.

2005 | TV-Mini-Series | 25 x 3 min. | Digi Beta
Production COIN FILM
with WDR mediagroup für das ARD-Vorabendprogramm


Author Ariane Skupch, Corinna Wichmann, Martin Scharf
DoP Stephan Ketelhut
Sound Hubertus Müll
Editing Jessica Ehlebracht
Producer Herbert Schwering


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