Max Hansen was one of the greats of entertainment during the Weimar period. With the role of the waiter ‘Leopold’ from the famous musical “Im weißen Rössl” (Berlin 1930) he celebrated success for years. But cabaret tricks and his Jewish ancestry brought his career to an abrupt halt. After a stopover in Vienna, he built up a new existence in Scandinavia. Nevertheless, it is his deepest wish to return to his homeland. He succeeds in staging new biographies and obtaining Aryan evidence. But fear remains undefeated. He does not return to Berlin. Family happiness suffers from numerous affairs. The four children hardly get to see the famous father. The daughters Eva and Ann-Mari will tell in the film what it means to have grown up in a prominent family in Europe in the middle of the 20th century.

Have you ever been in love with me? is an entertaining family story between tragedy and comedy. Director Douglas Wolfsperger was represented at many international festivals with his last feature film Bellaria (Bavarian Film Prize and others). Together with other contemporary witnesses (Brigitte Mira, Volker Kühn and others) he will review the life of Max Hansen at film locations in Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Vienna.

2005 | Documentary | Digi Beta/35 mm | 89 min. | colour/sw
Co-production Epo-Film, Wien
World Premiere Int. Film Festival Locarno / Semaine de la Critique 2005
Distribution GMfilms, Berlin
Prädikat besonders wertvoll



Buch/Regie Douglas Wolfsperger | nach einer Buchvorlage von Michael Lentz
Kamera Igor Luther
Ton Csaba Kulcsar
Schnitt Jean-Marc Lesguillons
Musik Haindling
Produzenten Herbert Schwering, Christine Kiauk
Beteiligte Brigitte Mira, Volker Kühn, Eva Reinhardt, Ann-Mari Hansen etc.


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