In her graduation film Janina Jung again dedicates herself to the people in her home village Emmerichenhain. Her theme is home, strangeness and alienation. “In the beautiful Westerwald, where the wind whistles so coldly,” the Westerwald likes to get into the mood. But it is such a thing with the homeland in Germany. Jung asked the villagers – old and young, old-established and newcomers, Germans and migrants – about the same topics: the village community and how it changes, nature and landscape, money and work, love and marriage, language, tradition and faith. By means of an intelligent montage, an atmospheric picture of the German province is created in 2013. Full of comical moments as well as bitter ones, which with the leitmotif of the foreign always remind us how problematic it is: the homeland.

2013 | Documentary | 80 min. | DCP
COIN FILM, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln



Script/Editing/DoPJanina Jung
Editing Quimu Casalprim i Suarèz
Music Paul Eisenach
Herbert Schwering


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