There is great dissatisfaction in a Kyrgyz village: pensions are withheld, funds do not flow as expected, everyone tries to settle his own business, if necessary even under the hand, communism still finds supporters and the cattle thief Tashmat is regularly at work, whom the village policeman Salamat pursues. It is obvious to the villagers that all this no longer has much to do with justice, and they regularly tell their village administrator Kabylbek that. Their belief in better times is weak, as is their belief in a just God. Whether Allah or Jehovah, they prefer to indulge in earthly pleasures. And while some manage to profit more from it, others only get less from it. The community structure is put to the test, and the village leader tries to keep his village together.

2005 | Feature film | 84 min. | 35mm
Kyrgis Filmstudio, Kyrgyzstan, Viet Filmproduktion
World premiere Berlinale 2005 / Panorama
World Sales mdc Int. Berlin
Awards Etoile d’Or / International Film Festivals Marrakech 2005


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