Luisa (Lina Beckmann) races through her life. From job home, from husband to lover, from peanut flips to raw food diet. Who doesn’t find that too much at some point? When the couple therapist wakes up one morning, she is suddenly doubled. She split overnight into the old Luisa and the new Ann (Lina Beckmann). On the outside they look completely the same, but otherwise they are completely different. Luisa is constantly worrying about everything. Ann is deeply relaxed and stuffs everything she wants into herself. After the first shock Luisa recognizes the unexpected possibilities that the second self opens up for her: Finally she can burn away with her lover Leopold (Benno Fürmann), while Ann takes care of her husband Richard (Charly Hübner).

2017 | Comedy | D/NL | 93 Min. | DCP
Coproduction Circe Films/NL
World Premiere
IFF Munich 2017
Distribution Farbfilm
Theatrical release 08 March 2018



Lina Beckmann
Charly Hübner
Benno Fürmann
et al.


Script/Directing Lola Randl
Camera Philipp Pfeiffer
Editing Andreas Wodraschke
Sound Hubertus Müll
Music Maciej Sledziecki
Production design Tamo Kunz
Costume Manon Blom
Mask Elke Hahn
Producers Herbert Schwering / Christine Kiauk (COIN FILM)
Co-producers Stienette Bosklopper / Lisette Kelder (Circe Films)
Commissioning Editor Barbara Buhl / Andrea Hanke (WDR), Barbara Häbe (ARTE)


2018 German Drama Award for Lina Beckmann
2018 Pre-nomination German Film Award

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