The mother of two children, Hanna Leitner, wants to escape the bourgeois corset and her husband Anton, who sexually harasses her. She goes into therapy with the young psychoanalyst Otto Gross and follows him to Monte Verità, where she discovers the fascination of photography. In addition to the young Hermann Hesse and the feminist Ida Hofmann, it is the supernatural Lotte Hattemer who cast Hanna under a mystical spell and urges her to make a decision.



Feature film | CH/D/A | 110 Min.
in co-production with | Tellfilm, KGP, MMC Movies

Distribution | DCM Film Distribution

Locations | Ascona, Cannobio, Cologne, Vienna
Studio | MMC Studios Cologne

Hanna Leitner | Maresi Riegner
Lotte Hattemer |
Hannah Herzsprung
Otto Groß |
Max Hubacher
Ida Hoffmann |
Julia Jentsch
Hermann Hesse |
Joel Basman
Anton Leitner |
Philipp Hauß

Director | Stefan Jäger
Script |
Kornelija Naraks
DoP |
Daniela Knapp
Production Design |
Katharina Wöppermann, Nina Mader
Makeup Design |
Helene Lang
Editor |
Noemi Preiswerk
Music |
Volker Bertelmann

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