JURI (Ben Münchow) and PAULA (Cristina do Rego) always meet in the self-service laundry. Between pre-wash and spin cycle, their conversations drift from comical to philosophical everyday observations to the very private.

Episode 1:
While Paula wants to find out what perfection means, Juri is only interested in a mysterious woman standing with a package in front of an empty washing machine. But suddenly she asks the couple to look after her package and leaves the laundromat…

Web-Series | 8 x 10 Min.
Production |
on behalf of WDR
Script | Michael Gantenberg
Directing | André Erkau
DOP | Fee Strothmann

Cristina do Rego | Paula
Ben Münchow | Juri
Benno Fürmann
Nicole Johannhanwahr
et al.


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