The filmmaker Marie receives a box with family photos of her father. When she opens the box, the past hits her with full force and she embarks on a journey back in time to her childhood when her mother died.

Production COIN FILM
Film Form Cologne; Velvet Films, Brussels
Distribution W-Film
Cinema release Spring 2021


Margarita Broich
Felizia Trube
Momo Beier
Stella Holzapfel
Bernhard Schütz
Matti Schmidt-Schaller
Marie Anne Fliegel
Eric Langner
Christiane Blumhoff
Josef Hofmann


Script/Directing Petra Seeger
Camera Hajo Schomerus
Production Design Volker Schäfer
Costume Ulrike Scharfschwerdt
Edition Aron Roos
Music Dieter Bonnen
Commissioning Editor Editor Andrea Hanke, Barbara Buhl WDR, Andreas Schreitmüller ARTE
Producers Herbert Schwering, Christine Kiauk
Co-producers Petra Seeger, Joachim von Mengershausen, André Sommerlatte, Sebastian Schelenz

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